A Brief History Of Motion Pictures

A film, also known as a video, motion picture, digital or pre-production film, is an artistic work of visual art intended to simulate real experiences, stories, representations, emotions, beauty, or the environment through the use of visually moving images. The term “film” comes from the word “image”, which often refers to any form of visible matter including stills and moving pictures. Moving images may include photographs, video clips, short films, or music videos. Movies are often created by Hollywood producers, independent film distributors, feature films directed by specific film directors, or TV shows. Many movies are produced in the US, but a large number of movies are created in other countries.


There are several types of motion picture and a large part of the film industry are photographers, designers, editors, and film technicians. In order to create a motion picture, a story, or other plot needed to be woven into moving images so the audience can follow the characters from one scene to another. Film production utilizes multiple cameras, projectors, lighting equipment, sound equipment, and computer technology in order to create a film. Before a single frame is printed on film, several image sequences are generated on a computer and printed on paper or stock in color, black and white, or other resolution.

When it comes to photography, a professional photographer takes photos from a comfortable distance, usually on a tripod, and with a remote video camera for more convenience. Today, even action films can be made on a small video camera and edited on a PC using software. Professional photographers make their living by creating motion pictures, and other types of images. Many people use a standard video camera to take home movies and for editing their home videos.