An Introduction to Film Making

A film is a series of visually shown moving images developed on film. They’re generally distributed on 35mm film or a multiplexer tape format (MTV) and shown on a variety of VHS devices. In some instances, they’re also available as an on-demand video tape format. The word “film” is sometimes used to describe motion pictures as well. Most films are produced in a number of different ways: as a straight motion picture, film, single-image, and as motion picture and as film on videotape.


Motion picture is the oldest form of film. It’s largely used for shooting live action and for moving images, such as movies and TV shows. The term “motion picture” can also be used for regular footage broadcast on television, such as news footage and music videos. In the United States, the studios produce the majority of motion pictures and the distributors make their copies available to movie theaters.

Single-image film is one type of commercial film that’s produced as single images on transparent sheet film. These types of films are used for home movies and for rare television footage, as they don’t have to be fully edited. They have the advantage of being able to be quickly and easily erased and replaced without requiring any extra equipment or processing. Motion picture can also be produced on films with the use of special digital equipment called dailies. These are higher-quality versions of the single-image films. As you can see, there are several different kinds of film used for motion pictures, but the most well-known are color and black and white films.