An Overview of Music History

Music is the art of composing sounds in harmony with the parts of harmony, melody, pitch, rhythm, and timing to form a musical composition. It is arguably one of the oldest universal artistic aspects of human societies. It has evolved through time as a medium of communication and expression through songs, melodies, rhythms, and beats that have been recorded and can be heard around the world. A number of things are known about music including its history, characteristics, and influences. Among these are the elements of music, its impact on society, and its future roles and role in culture.


The history of Live Draw HK is a long one dating back to the beginnings of human civilization. It has played an important part in the lives of people since its invention. In fact, some consider music to be one of the driving forces behind the evolution of modern civilization. It can be considered to be one of the reasons why music has become the dominant medium of communication and of culture.

The history of music can be divided into four main periods which were the Pre-bacharbell Period, the Old Pre-Classical Period, the Renaissance Period, and the Classical Period. The significance of music can be determined from the fact that it is a very important and significant part of human communication between individuals, groups, and civilizations. People from all walks of life use music in different ways. They create music, sing songs, make speeches, distribute music, and make sculptures.

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