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Poker players claim to witness more bad beats in online games than in live games. This is based on an increased number of hands per hour, which may lead to random large pots and improbable bad beats. Such practices are considered to be unnecessary, and they may even discourage new players. Any attempt to manipulate the poker system may face detection by a third party. It is possible to detect unusual patterns in card dealing using sophisticated tracking software. However, such software is not generally available in the public domain.

Some of these online poker sites have a live chat or Whatsapp support. The chat is active twenty-four hours a day. In addition, these websites provide a wide range of payment options. The most convenient method of payment is via credit card or PayPal. A reputable online poker site will also give you the option to choose the currency that you will be using. However, keep in mind that most online poker sites require that you register before you can play.

IDN Poker is committed to keeping its game fair and avoiding fraud. The operator of IDN Poker forms a team to track suspicious activity and to prevent it. The company also actively monitors the transfers of chips between accounts and locks suspicious ones. IDN Poker is owned by IDN Play, which operates IDN Sport and IDN Live. These games are similar to online poker but differ in some ways. IDN Poker is not the only online poker site in Indonesia.