Photography Courses – Which Course Should You Take?

Photography is an art, the science and craft of taking pictures, either by film, by hand, by using an optical lens, or digitally by using an electronic image sensor. A lot of people have enjoyed great success with photography. For example, professional and amateur photographers regularly take photographs of beautiful sunsets, landscape scenes, wildlife, and abstract art to sell and market. More recently, however, there has been a trend towards commercial and editorial photography. This kind of photography tends to focus on commercial subjects (such as advertisements) and is aimed at selling products.


Commercial photography is different from landscape photography in many ways: instead of taking pictures of actual subject matter, commercial photographers are often hired to review and evaluate other people, places, or things. Commercial photography cameras tend to be relatively fast and have high resolution and minimum contrast. High resolution, low contrast, and high shutter speed are also important characteristics. Aspect ratio, or the ratio of images of the subject to the background, is usually large in commercial photos.

Color photography is somewhat different from black and white photography in that it is used for most fashion and cultural publications (though not as widely as color film). Digital cameras and newer technology have made it possible for virtually anyone to make professional looking color photographs. Color photos can be made even more professional looking by using flash and adding depth and dimension with the use of light-sensitive and camera-linked filters. Color photographs can be printed as well as being displayed through digital photography. They are easily manipulated through software.