Photography – What Is Photography?

Photography is an art, the process, and art of taking durable photographs by film, by using an electronic camera sensor, by taking a picture by hand, or by using a digital camera. Photography can be broadly divided into two disciplines, fine arts and field photography. Fine arts photography encompasses art photography, historical or traditional, real life, and abstract photography. Field photography is used mostly for wildlife, nature, and landscape photography.


Modern photography, which is fine art or commercial photography, is the process of taking pictures in a studio, using a camera, and by using an electric motor to manipulate the camera lens. Modern digital cameras are very convenient, fast, and easy to use. Most modern cameras come with at least one built-in macro mode, enabling you to create larger photographs without having to add any extra lens. You can use different types of filters, and enhancements to enhance the quality of your photographs. Modern street photography, portrait photography, wildlife photography, and fashion photography have gained recent popularity.

There are many things that need to be considered while going for this profession. First and foremost, the photographer should be equipped with the right kind of equipment, ranging from camera lenses, lighting equipment, tripod, flash lights, a computer, editing equipment, mental attitude, mental Tough, and other technical aspects. These technical aspects will make a huge difference to the quality of your photography work. Professional photographers will usually work in a studio environment where there are other professionals to assist them. The photographer needs to be calm, have a clear shot, take quick shots, edit, make changes when the need arises and be ready to accept any feedback from the client.