A History Of Music

Music is the craft of arranging various sounds in sequence to form a melody or song through the components of rhythm, melody, harmony, and pitch. The most commonly used elements are harmony and pitch, although other methods like recorder music, string arrangements, and wind musical instruments also constitute genres of music. It is also one of the oldest universal artistic forms of all human civilizations. According to some, music is considered the only significant form of communication among human beings.


Different types of music such as the classical, jazz, folk, hip hop, and blues were introduced to the world through different cultures all over the world. Hip hop dance was also created through an American group called the Fugees. Different types of music were brought by immigrants into different countries. Examples of these are Chinese traditional music, Indian classical music, Spanish salsa, French country music, and West African drums and licks.

In present times, music is made available by electronic means. Today, most people prefer to listen to music on portable media players such as iPods and MP3s. This has led to the popularity of music on portable devices. Pop, rock, heavy metal, and jazz music have become popular through the compact discs that are widely available in the market. Some of the most popular music genres are alternative music, classical music, contemporary music, and folk music.