Popular Types of Photography – Landscape Photography, Still Life Photography

Photography is an art, the discipline, and technique of taking pictures, either by hand, by using an optical lens, or electronically either by the use of an internal image-sensing device such as a digital camera, or by using a light-sensitive medium like photographic film. Photography has been around for centuries and during that time it has been used to capture official events, romantic portraits, everyday life, and more. Today, more people are taking more interest in photography and learning how to take quality pictures. Many people find that, through photography, they can express themselves more fully and become more connected with others.


In this article we will look at three popular areas of photography that many people are interested in: macro photography, portrait photography, and nature photography. As a landscape photographer you may be focused on capturing nature and capturing special landscapes. As a portrait photographer you may be more focused on portraits of individuals. Either way landscape photography is an exciting and fun area of photography for photographers of all skill levels.

One of the most popular types of fine art photography is still life photography. This type of photograph is more about the subjects and the environment that the photographs are taken in rather than about the person who is taking the photographs. The focus is more on still-life subjects like plants, flowers, and other natural objects that are taken in the environment. Some of the most popular still life photographs include ones of gardens, beaches, mountains, and more. Still life photography also takes into account the placement of the subjects in the photo to give the viewer a sense of depth. Many fine art photographers are able to tell a story with their still life photographs.